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Roller Skater Paper Toy

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Roller skater girl rode her first skates when she was 5 years old, but got scared of them when she tried to jump over her cat and ended with a broken leg. Recently she decided to face her fears and spends her free time on the parking lot making some amazing spins. Her favorite food is Spring Rolls and her favorite movie is “Whip it”. Her deepest wish is to go back to the golden days when supermarkets had employees running in their skates.

You can buy this Paper Toy as a collectable (as is in picture), or customize it to look like yourself or a loved one. These collectables might have a limited stock.

All paper persons and it's boxes are handmade with paper leftovers from the studio's other projects.

Learn how it works here.

What's in the box


Bell jar not included.


Paper Person: 11cm diameter; 18cm height
Box: 9 x 10,5 x 20cm;


These paper toys are made out of paper so keep out of water or very humid places. To avoid discoloration do not place these pieces over direct sunlight.

Be careful when handling it: do not squeeze it because its strength is limited. Although sometimes mentioned has a "paper toy" it is not indicated for small children.

To clean it use a clean and dry brush or a duster.