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Celebrate the life of your loved ones with a beautiful hand printed postcard.

This floral postcard is hand printed by our team in a 300g paper and, just like every product in this shop, it is a unique gift as there is not one postcard equal to the other.

Every card will be sold with an empty envelope made out of a special paper containing real seeds. When you wish to discard the envelope, try to place it in a pot of soil or outside in a garden, and see the magic of nature happening.

Send this postcard solo, or use it as a special card to accompany one of our bunch of flowers. You can ask for a personalized handwritten message on the back and we can ship the card directly to the recipient.

What's in the box

– One hand printed 10x15cm postcard in your chosen color;
– One blank envelope made of seed paper.*

*Unless you explicitly ask us to send the postcard to someone else, we will ship the postcard and envelope inside a normal paper envelope. This way you can use the seed envelope as you wish.

Paper flowers not included.


10 x 15cm


Use it as a normal postcard, store or frame it in a safe place.