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Dog Walker Paper Toy

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This dog walker likes to listen to indie rock music and her favorite food is currywurst. Her dog is named Penelope and gets over excited with balls, food and strangers wearing a hat.

You can buy this Paper Toy as a collectable (as is in picture), or customize it to look like yourself or a loved one. These collectables might have a limited stock.

All paper persons and its boxes are handmade with paper leftovers from the studio's other projects.

Learn how it works here.

What's in the box


Paper Person: 11cm diameter; 18cm height
Box: 9 x 10,5 x 20cm;

Bell jar not included.


These paper toys are made out of paper so keep out of water or very humid places. To avoid discoloration do not place these pieces over direct sunlight.

Be careful when handling it: do not squeeze it because its strength is limited. Although sometimes mentioned has a "paper toy" it is not indicated for small children.

To clean it use a clean and dry brush or a duster.