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Everyone knows cacti are the best plants to anyone that doesn't have the time or patience to care for a plant, but what if cacti could be even less needy? That's where our paper crafted cacti enters: a carefree paper "plant" that you can forget at your home and that will always look beautiful even if it is in a dark corner.

All our objects are handmade in paper so every paper plant is unique and might be slightly different from the photos at this page. These objects have limited stock, so grab yours while they last.

Each cactus will come with an individual box so you can offer it or store it safely.

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CACTUS IN A POT: 11cm diameter; 18cm height
BOX: 11,5 x 11,5 x 19cm;


These cacti doesn't like water and prefer an ambient with no direct sunlight, to avoid discoloration. Also, be careful when handling it: do not squeeze it because this object is only made of paper so it's strength is limited.

To clean it use a clean and dry brush or a duster.


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