– Who are you?

We are Oupas! a studio based in the heart of Porto, Portugal. We make everything out of paper or cardboard! See more of our work at www.oupasdesign.com

– Are all items handmade?

Yes! We mount every flower by hand and we arrange each bouquet by hand. Petals and leaves are mostly cut on a home cutting machine to facilitate repetitions, but everything else is made by a real person. Meaning that every bunch will be unique and might differ a bit from the photos.

– Do you only sell paper flowers?

At this shop, and for the time being, we are only selling our bunches and postcards, but our goal is to sell other objects too.
However, our main business focus in other projects like events, store windows, installations etc. If you have an interesting challenge send us an e-mail to hello@oupasdesign.com.

If you wish to see our main business, visit www.oupasdesign.com

– Are the paper flowers an accurate representation of the real flowers?

All flowers are our interpretation of the real ones. We like to name them for the flower that inspired us, but we are not botanists, so we probably have the wrong number of petals in each daisy, and maybe there are no marron peonies in the world.

– What kind of paper do you use?

For many flowers we use leftover paper from our big projects, so there are many brands and type of papers mixed in each bunch. However our main paper suppliers are Canson, Inapa, and Fedrigoni.

– Where do you ship?


– Can I grab my order at your studio?

Yes! And the world will thank you for that.
Our studio is at the center of Porto so, if you are close by, at your order's checkout, choose to pick up at the studio and we'll schedule a time for you to pick your order.
Due to the pandemic, if the authorities allow, we will deliever your order at the studio's door with all required cautions. If you come by car, you can also pull over close to our door, and we'll deliever it in your car just like a drive thru!

Our address is the following:
Rua dos Bragas 85,
4050-123 Porto

– Why is my order limited to existing stock?

Usually the stock in this website is correct, however it might happen we have a stock shortage (e.g. with a presencial sale) and we might have to cancel and refund your order (when applicable). We'll let you know as soon as possible when that happens.

– What are the shipping costs?

You'll learn about shipping costs at the checkout. Everything is calculated according to the number of items and it's weight, so the shipping might vary.

– When will you ship my order?

We ship all orders every tuesday and friday, so if the item is in stock your order will be sent on the next tuesday or friday. In case you make the order on a tuesday after 11 AM (GMT Lisbon time), your order will only be sent on that week's friday.

If your order is out of stock please allow a few more days to cut and assemble a new product.

We'll contact you when your order was shipped with it's tracking number.

If you are from a nearby area around our studio, and if there is availability, we might deliever your order in hands, rather than sending it through mail. The shipping cost is the same as a normal mail shipping, so you don't have to do anything different at checkout. You'll receive an e-mail confirming the reception of the flowers at the desired address.

If you have an urgent order, please contact us directly at buy@oupasdesign.com and we'll let you know if we can speed things up.

– I received the shipping confirmation, but how long will it take to receive my order?

We ship everything with the portuguese carrier CTT and the below information are the timeframes they work with. We are not responsible for delays or missed deliveries by the mail carrier.

Portugal (land): 1 business day;
Portugal (inslands of Açores and Madeira): 2 business days;
Europe: 3 business days;
Rest of the world: 5 business days;

Learn more at Shipping Policy.

Please be aware that due the pandemics, the shipping times might be different. By the time we are updating this FAQ (January 2021), shipments are delayed about 4 days everywhere except in Portugal.

– What payments you accept?

Currently we accept paypal, credit card, bank transfer and mbway (for portuguese costumers). Please be aware that bank transfer is not an immediate transaction, so we'll only ship your order after we have received the full payment.

– When can I use Cash on delivery (COD)?

We offer payment in cash on delivery only when choosing "Local Pickup". If you make an order selecting "Ship" and pay with "Cash on delievery (COD)" your order will be canceled and we'll send you a message explaining why and asking you to make a new order with a different payment, or to change your order for local pickup.

– How can I request an invoice with VAT number?

On your cart, before checkout, fill the "VAT number" form. We'll send you the invoice after the payment is processed and accepted.

– Can I return an order?

We're really sorry if you didn't like the item you purchased or if the package is damaged! If there's any issue with your package or your order please contact us directly to buy@oupasdesign.com.

You can return any order within 14 days of placement and a full refund will be issued. Shipping returns will have to be covered by you, or you can deliever it directly to our studio, if you are close by. Customized orders and gift cards cannot be returned.

Learn more at Refund Policy.

– Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! If you have any special request, please contact us to buy@oupasdesign.com.

– I'm getting an error as I try to checkout my order, what's happenning?

If you are buying a physical product, some products have a limitation of 4 items per person, due to shipping limitations of weight and size. If you wish to buy more than 4 items, please contact us directly and we'll find a better solution for your request.

– Can I visit your studio?

We usually receive many visitors (single people, companies, schools) in our studio in a previously schedulled time. However due to pandemic times, we are not receiving anyone at the studio. When this mess is all better, we'll be happy to receive you, show you the studio and let you pet our cats.

– How should I care for my paper flowers?

First: thank you for buying one of our bunch of flowers! Paper is stronger than you might think, however some cautions must be met: do not use any kind of water/liquids with it if you wish to keep it beautiful – this means do not spray water or other products for cleaning up; keep it away from humid places – although you won't see an immediate damage, with time the paper gets soggy and will look bad; preferebly keep it away from direct sunlight – colored paper tends to fade if you keep it in the sun; if you want to clean up dust, just use a duster, a small (clean) paint brush or a hair dryer.

– What's the deal with the messages in the flower cards?

We offer everyone the option to choose a card to accompany the flowers. It can have a pre-made message, a small custom message or be a blank card. Go to the following page to learn more about it.

– I own a shop, can I sell your items there?

For the time being we don't have enough stock to sell in other stores. However we accept challenges. Get in touch at buy@oupasdesign.com

– What other ways can I contact you?

hello@oupasdesign.com – for non shop related questions
buy@oupasdesign.com – for shop related questions
+351 225 098 174
+351 934 285 654