About our Paper Toys

You can get our Paper Toys in two ways: as a collectable, or custom made to your desire. Either get an individual paper toy, or buy as a family/couple's pack. Surprise all your family with an unique gift.

  • Collectables

    Special poses can be bought as a collectable, with no customization. These are cheaper than a fully customized Paper Toy.

  • Your Custom Paper Toy

    A single person portrait that is based on your loved one appearence and personality.

  • Couples & Family Packs

    All family can be represented in this paper toy portrait. Choose adults, children and pets and complete your family.

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How it works

Once you purchase a custom Paper Toy we’ll ask you to send information about the person or pet you want us to portray. Usually a couple of photos and a small description will be enough. Check below for a more complete explanation.

Please be brief when submitting the necessary information for us to start the project. If within 48 hours of purchase we do not receive the necessary information to start the portrait, the purchase will be canceled and the money refunded. Send this information to: buy@oupasdesign.com


What we’ll need


2-3 photos of the person(s) to be portrayed where we can clearly see the face, hair, full body and clothing style. We prefer to represent clothes and hairstyles that the person actually wears. For example, does the person love to wear boots, or is their favorite item of clothing overalls or a hat? Send us pictures of it and we'll try to represent that kind of outfit. The same for the hair, send us photos with the hairstyle that the person normally wears. Try to choose photos where the person is as casual as possible. Avoid photos of the person at ceremonies, at the beach, or in places where they are not dressed in their everyday clothes (unless you want them to be in that specific outfits).

– You can add a small paragraph describing the person you want us to portray. Tell us a bit of their personality, profession and hobbies, just so we get to know the person we're portraying a little better.


2-3 photos of the pet, where we can see it’s snout and full body. You can add photos of small details that you find important, like a very characteristic fur marking of that animal.



We will make a draft of your paper toy before building it. We'll interpret the photos and information you give us, and do our best to make it look like your reference photos, while keeping our character style and identity.

We’ll take 3-4 business days to draft each papertoy and send a digital mockup to you. You can ask for a few adjustments to your commission, for example changing skin tone or replacing an item of clothing. Be aware that the colors may look a bit different in paper, but we'll do our best to bring the colors as close as possible in digital.

After you approve the draft, no alterations can be requested.

Once we send you the draft, we expect you to approve it in 2-3 days. If you don’t give any feedback, we’ll proceed to build the papertoy and ship it to the provided address. No returns at this point.


Building your papertoy

After draft approval, we’ll take 2-3 business days to build each papertoy. Once we finish it, we'll send a few photos of the final result before shipping it to you.

The papertoy will be placed in a paper box, which will then be properly packed and sent with a tracking number to the address you provided. If you’re in Porto, you can pick it up from our studio.

If you wish to offer the papertoy as a gift we can wrap it for free! Just let us know of your wish.


Be aware

– As soon as we star designing your papertoy we do not accept refunds. At the draft stage, if you decide you no longer wish to proceed, we can only offer you a 50% refund.

– All photographs sent by the client are his/her responsibility, and will be exclusively used for visual reference of the person portrayed and for no other purpose.


Social Media

– Are you sharing your papertoy on social media? We’d love to see it! Feel free to tag us @oupasdesign



Q. I'd like to order a commission of a group of people and pets to portray, but you don't list exactly what I want in your shop. 

A. Please send us your request to buy@oupasdesign.com and we'll give our best to make it happen.

Q. How long does a commission take? 

A. From the moment you approve the draft, it will take 2-3 business days until we ship it to address you provided.

Q. How do I take care of my papertoy once I receive it? 

A. Keep it out of direct sunlight, water and humid places. When needed, gently clean it using a duster or a small paint brush.

Q. I saw a papertoy in a bell jar on your website and social networks. Do you sell this item together with the papertoy?
A. We do not sell the bell jars, it’s merely a suggestion on how to display your papertoy. The bell jar from the pictures is from IKEA.



All designs are original - we hold all rights to designs and photos taken of our work. None of our work may be reproduced, used, or sold commercially without our permission.