We are a design studio specialized in paper and cardboard.

We are three girls obsessed with paper and cats: Cidália, Joana and Sofia. In 2010 we started working together as a studio after finishing our college degree in Graphic Design. Soon we found our mutual passion: building handcrafted objects. Paper and cardboard were always our main choice because both are very versatile, easy to handle and have a smaller ecological footprint comparing to other materials.
We design everything that you might challenge us: from small objects like flowers, to stage and event design, or even a real sized cardboard city! We can make it all happen!

Oupas! is a traditional Portuguese expression which translates to “let’s go!” or “let’s do it!”, and that’s our team motto.

In this store you'll find a very small part of what we do. Everything we sell here are self-created projects that we wish to share with everyone with a symbolic price.

Learn more about our work at www.oupasdesign.com